Master´s Thesis

Important information regarding Master´s Thesis

The Master´s thesis is carried out normally during the fourth semester and on successful completion is awarded 30 ECTS-credits. 

Requirement: The topic of the Master Thesis can be handed out only the moment at least 72 ECTS - credits have been acquired already by the candidate.

Learning results: The candidate shall be capable of dealing with a problem from the context of infrastructure planning within a given time frame on the basis of scientific methods, He/she should also be able to present the results in an appropriate form both in writing and orally. The candidate should be capable of developing a suitable concept for the thesis including the selection of appropriate scientific methods as well as a realistic project schedule for the treatment of the selected topic. Effective scientific work shall be implemented throughout the thesis working period, the candidate shall learn how to discuss a scientific topic in the field of infrastructure planning by discussing his topic with two different academic supervisors.


The candidate should work independently on the selected topic and should make appointments with the examiner for academic discussions on the topic.




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