Extra-curricular Engagements

Opportunities to get involved with the student communities of University of Stuttgart

Internationales Zentrum (IZ)

The International Office supports incoming students and researchers. At the same time, it offers advice and assistance for researchers and students planning to study abroad. 

The University of Stuttgart is an internationally recognized research university that cultivates global culture. This includes giving its students the opportunity to continue their education at universities in other countries. It supports its researchers in global research teamwork with scientists in all disciplines. At the same time, it supports talented individuals from abroad who want to study at the University of Stuttgart or pursue their research here.

International Zentrum


At the Language Center Stuttgart, domestic and foreign participants are able to find a diversified and nuanced course program that involves 14 languages. This includes Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish as well as English, Italian, French, Spanish and German taught as a foreign language. Another emphasis at the Language Center involves courses that professionally convey methodological, communicative, and intercultural as well as personal and social skills.


Stuvus (Student Council)

Stuvus is the abbreviation for "Studierendenvertretung Universität Stuttgart". Since spring 2013 we have been your lobby here at the university and ensure the self-organization of the students. We support the interests of the students in many ways.


Hochschulsport University of Stuttgart

Is a service for the students and staff of the University of Stuttgart, the cooperating universities, of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, as well as the Fraunhofer Institute. The aim is a multifaceted, high-quality and cost-effective sports and exercise offer. The sports program should be motivating and balance the study- or the work-life.


Extracurricular studies for students - University of Stuttgart

Extracurricular studies let students expand their educational horizons by freely following an artistic bent, dabbling in other disciplines, and preparing for entry into professional life.

Extracurricular studies for students - University of Stuttgart

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