Master Program Infrastructure Planning

General important questions about the MIP program can be found here

These dates depend again on the way you want to apply. Please check the details for the next batch in the Preliminary Information.

The course starts around the 15th of October, but a previous German language course takes place, starting around the 1st of September. Find more about this topic in the section General Information of Application and in the Preliminary Information for the next batch.

In total, four academic semesters are needed to complete the Master's Program Infrastructure Planning. That will take two years.

The Master's Program Infrastructure Planning emphasizes an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to planning and deals with problems especially relevant to developing and newly industrializing countries. You can read more about this topic in the Overview section.

Detailed information about the offered modules, their objectives and prerequisites can be found in the section Study/.../Modules (Click on the link that corresponds to your study program and then on its link "Modules"). A .pdf file containing the description of each module is available.

1,500 EUR for international students per semester in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the students have to pay 200.40 EUR per semester of administrative costs. This is also considered in the Cost Estimate, that is available on this site.

A minimum total budget of EUR 28,000 has been calculated for the 4 semesters of the course. For more information, you can download the Cost Estimate.

Certainly, but you have to apply for them and fulfill the requirements! We offer you a list of the most common Scholarship Sources, but apart from them, you should also try to find financing sources in your home country.

Within the section Team, you can find the contact data of the Course Director. Please feel free to contact her whenever necessary!

Please check out the following documents and links. You will find different information on Corona testing, moving into the dorms and formalities. For most of you, the sections regarding students from risk already will apply. Please read all the text carefully and note the sections that apply to your individual situation.

1.      Information of entry to Germany and Corona:


On the above-mentioned page, you find the following links for further information leaflets:

Info leaflet „Entry and quarantine“:  https://www.student.uni-stuttgart.de/studienbeginn/document/Info_Corona_ENtry.pdf

Welcome checklist with info on getting started: https://www.student.uni-stuttgart.de/studienbeginn/document/Welcome_Checkliste.pdf

Welcome guide: https://www.student.uni-stuttgart.de/studienbeginn/document/WelcomeGuide_en.pdf

All information is subject to change in case there should be changes in the German law and official procedures. We are trying to update the information, please check regularly on the website of the International Center (IZ) during your travel planning:


Additional information on general topics related to a student's life at the University of Stuttgart can be found on living in Stuttgart.

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