Option A: Application for the Admission and DAAD Scholarship

Here you can find information on application through option A

Application Deadline and Application Account

For MIP online-applications in combination with an application for a DAAD-EPOS scholarship, the C@MPUS portal of the University of Stuttgart will be open from the 1st of August to the 30th of September of the year before the start of studies. 

There is only one application process, which serves both purposes (do not send application documents to the DAAD separately!). In the C@MPUS portal, you open a personal application account (make sure to always keep the password for later access!). In this account, you have to upload all required documents in the respective section. There are documents mandatory for the admission process and additional documents for the DAAD scholarship application.

Required Documents and Procedure

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a limited number of scholarships to highly qualified applicants. The current call for applications and necessary application documents for the scholarship for an EPOS study program can be found on the DAAD's website. (https://daad.de/go/de/stipa50076777)

If you follow the above-mentioned link, you reach a German homepage of the DAAD, please switch to English with the button on top of the page.

You find a button „APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS“, please press it and select your home country and your status in the drop-down lists.

Then press the button „SHOW APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS“ You will see information on requirements and language requirements.

On this page, click the button „APPLICATION PROCEDURE“; which is located at the top of the text. You will see information on application documents, including a list of documents required to complete your application.

Please read this information carefully and make sure you fulfil all requirements set on this page and that you submit all documents required in the correct form described on this page.

For the first three documents, you will find links on the page, where you have to download a template:

1.     DAAD Checklist

2.     DAAD application form

3.     EUROPASS template for the CV

Please download the templates and fill in the documents. With your signature on the DAAD checklist, you have to confirm, that your application documents are complete and in the correct format.

There are no exceptions and applications not including all required documents mentioned on the checklist are incomplete, which means they will not be accepted by the DAAD without further evaluation.

On September 30th of the year before the intended start of studies, the applications will be downloaded from the system and only documents uploaded until then will be evaluated. No late submission after this deadline, neither by E-Mail nor hardcopy, will be accepted for the decision on scholarship candidates.

The MIP admission committee will meet in November and will evaluate your application documents. You will receive a notice by E-Mail from the MIP office in late December of the year before the intended start of studies concerning the decision on the scholarship selection.

For general information on the application, click here.

Additional details about the MIP program can be found in the Downloads section.

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September 30th of the year, before the intended start of studies. Deadline for application through the University of Stuttgart. The applicants have to use the C@MPUS system.
December of the previous year of the intended start of studies. Email notification of shortlisted DAAD scholarship candidates by the MIP office.
January of the year of the intended start of studies. Final confirmation of acceptance as a scholarship holder by DAAD.
Beginning of September of the intended start of studies. German course.
Middle of October of the year of the intended start of studies Beginning of first academic term.



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