Student Housing

Accommodation in Stuttgart can be obtained in different ways:

University Accommodation

The Studierendenwerk Stuttgartis the organization that provides and manages student dormitories in Stuttgart with rooms, especially for new foreign students (between 80 and 90 % of the international master students live there), which lay close to the other university's facilities.

Single furnished rooms in university housing with kitchen and washroom facilities are available. Meals are not included in the rent fee and dishes are not provided. A room is rented from the first day of each month. Moving in on a weekend or a public holiday is impossible.
These rooms are offered on a "FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED" basis to students. In order to reserve a room, a deposit (EUR 700) must be made. The deposit already includes EUR 300 for the first month rent and EUR 400 will be reimbursed at the end of your stay in the dormitory if there are no complaints about the status of your room.

You can take a look at these rooms in Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. There you will also find the application forms.

Other options

If you are looking for another option (short-term rent, sublenting, private market, appartment for families, among others), you can find more information in the webpage of the University of Stuttgart - Housing.
Check posting dates of adds and bulletin boards, have a good map on hand and please check in your contract whether "Nebenkosten (NK)" (utilities, such as water, heating, garbage removal, electricity, etc.) are included in the rent!

Additional Information is offered by the International Center of the University of Stuttgart.